Working in and for the Kingdom of Christ

Our Capability
    Our Potential
         Our Kinetics.....working Together as One.

Our ministry is positioned to provide general and comprehensive approaches to eradicating the matters of spiritual entropy and social economic disparities in our communities.  Additionally, we are positioned to bring sound and realistic approaches to reform measures in obtaining a quality education for all people regardless of race or gender.  We are positioned to advocate for fairness and justice for all people.  Lastly, we are capable of directing resources for jobs, housing, training, as well as, a lasting relationship with our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ!  To God be the Glory!

1.  We have sponsored training and on-going discussions addressing mental health matters.
2.  We have conducted and facilitated forums addressing police reform and criminal justice.
3.  We have facilitated and promoted ongoing financial literacy clinics.
4.  We promote, support and provide food and various needed items to  women residing in Cleveland's city homeless shelters.
5.  We provide on-going spritual counseling for men, women, dating and married couples.
6.  We provide weekly spiritual worship and learning experiences during our fellowships.
7.  We provide on-going weekly group meetings in support of sobriety from various addictions.
8.  We provide ministry development for those aspiring to become licensed ministers and missionaries.
9.  We involve ourselves in home visits for those needing assistance with meal preparation, housekeeping, child care, counseling and prayer.
10. We provide special event spaces for weddings, political functions, repast, funerals, theatrical productions,etc.....
11. We provide free meals to the community all year around.
12. We provide a teen and pre-teen leadership academy for our youth with emphasis on entrepreneurship development.

Our Trinity Capable Team:
Dr. Andrew D. Clark, Sr.
     Pastor and Chief Overseer

1st Lady Michele Clark
     Family for Life Foundation - Children's Development 
     Real Estate Development

Missionary Willie Mae Graham
     Financial Literacy
     Home and Foreign Mission

Missionary Barbara Anderson
    Church and Community Marketing

Mother Margaret Caldwell
     Mother's Council

Dr. Vivian Clark-Jacobs, PhD, MPAS, PA-C
     Health and Wellness

Dr. Deborah Clark-Watson
     Education/Licensed Psychologist
     F.A.I.T.H. Program Director

Minister Jason Watson
    Youth Director/Youth Pastor

Minister Juliet Bonner
     Ministerial Assistant

Dr. Brian Moore
    Holy Trinity Assistant Pastor
    Ministerial Committee Chairman

Elder Timothy Louie
     Trinity Outreach Ministries' Assistant Pastor
     Pastor's Support

Pastor DaNine K. Ward
     Pastor of Evangelism
     Administrative Assistance

Missionary Beverly Bowling
    Executive Administrator

Deacon Willie Bowling
     Maintenance Supervisor

Sister Annette Coster and Sister Shela Mills
     Hospitality - "Gate Keepers"

Mother E'laneet Barclay Jones
    Directress of Cultural Arts and Diversity

Elder Robert Taylor
Assistant Pastor Emeritus

Brother Robert Sanders
First Choice AAA Meeting Facilitator