"And I sent messengers unto them saying, I am doing a great work, so I cannot come down, why should the work cease,"   Nehemiah 6:3

The Leaders of Trinity Outreach Ministries Church of God In Christ and Holy Trinity Church and Cultural Arts Center
Pastor:  Dr. Andrew Clark, Sr

First Lady Sister Michele Clark

Assistant Pastor Emeritus: 
Elder Robert Taylor
Assistant Pastor of Trinity Cultural and Arts Center
Dr. Brian Alexander Moore

Assistant Pastor of Trinity Outreach Ministries
Elder Timothy Louie

Minister  Juliet Bonner

Minister Farai Q. Malianga
(Picture not available)

President of Men's Department
Pastor Dr. Andrew Clark Sr.

Trinity Deacon Board:
                                                                                          Senior Deacon:  Deacon Dwayne Hall
Deacons Steward, Bowling, Petty and Hall 


Supervisor of Administrative Service:

Sister Tonetta Louie
Senior Evangelist:
Mother Margaret Caldwell
Mother Elect: Gone on to Glory 12/25/2009
Missionary Jessie Clark
 (I just want to keep her picture in view.)
Chairlady of Women's Council:
Mother Mattie Smith
Assistant Chairlady of the Women's Council
Mother Beatrice Ivory (deceased)

Nurse's Guild President:
Mother Carmen Hall
Hospitality Co-Chair/ Nurses Guild
Sister Annette Coster

Youth Pastor
Minister Jason Watson

Local Sunday School Superintendent:
Dr. Deborah Watson
Minister of Music:
Dr. Vivian Jacobs


Coordinator of Trinity Men's Music Ministry
"Men of Valor"
Brother George Harris
(Picture not available)

President of Youth Department and Sunshine Band
Sister Carlisha Bias

(Picture not available)
President of Y.W.C.C.
Sister Shayla Hall

(Picture not available)

Public Relations:
Missionary Barbara Anderson
Director of Finance/Supervisor of Women
Mother Willie Mae Graham
Office Manager
Missionary Beverly Bowling
Trinity's Church Accountant:
Sister Juliet Bonner
Supervisor of Building Maintenance
Brother Willie Bowling
Consultant of Church Affairs:
Dr. Walter J. Clark, Jr.
"It Takes Team work to make the Dream work."