The Glenville Ministry in Alliance (GMMA) is a grassroots collaborative of faith-based community leaders supporting and advocating strategies to heal our neighborhood through non-violent principles.
Additionally, through our ministerial outreach, it is our mission to provide spiritual care to create, healthy discussion in informational seminars about the impact of


- Gang Violence
- Drug Abuse
- Human Trafficking
- Sex Education
- Economic Uplifting
- Job Creation
- Health Education
- Home Ownership


Lastly, it is the mission of Glenville Ministry in Missions Alliance's to help and end violence across the Glenville Neighborhood through prayer and bring awareness to many illnesses that are affecting our culture.


Glenville Ministry in Missions Alliance
"Recovery 7"


Step 1: Education


We are requesting that for every church and faith-based organizations to begin partnering with area schools in your worship service area to give assistance , and resources to help give our children access to an excellent education. We are partnering with the Ministry of Reconciliation to organize an Adopt a School initiative. Additionally, we are asking for every church to plan a day during the week to open your doors for day or evening tutoring conducted by your parishioners and area educators.


Step 2:  Economic Development


We are requesting that all churches begin partnering and networking with your neighborhood community development corporation to discuss ways to create new businesses opportunities and job training programs that truly lead to jobs.


Step 3: Crime


We are requesting that every church advocate for viable re-entry programs that leads to jobs. We are asking that you host informational seminars on the subject of human trafficking, gang violence, sexual misconduct, domestic violence. Additionally, we are requesting that every church develop within your congregation a crime prevention task force and partner with local law enforcement agencies to discuss and implement safe, sound, and practical ways to prevent and reduce crime related affairs in your area. To establish an "Adopt A Street" Initiative.


Step 4: Family


We are requesting  that every church renew their commitment to strengthening the family through developing support groups, hosting training sessions on family relations and relationships, how to identify signs of depression, violence, substance abuse, etc. Additionally , restoring harmony, re-connecting fathers to their sons, and daughters.


Step 5. Financial Literacy

We are requesting that every church begin hosting financial literacy seminars and workshops that are geared toward economic ownership.


Step 6. Home Ownership

We are requesting that every church promote fair housing for everyone. Also to network and partner with your local CDC to develop affordable, suitable homes through various housing rehabilitation projects.


Step 7: Health


We are requesting that every church develop health recovery plans through through hosting informational seminars on dangerous  health risk predominately affecting the African-American culture. To partner with the medical community, to promote health fairs, Health screening, and promoting healthy eating and active living tips.




See Video clip from the Kick-Off Rally below and under the Media tab.